Morf Dynamics News is America’s oldest newsletter focused on the subjects of sewing and embroidery. We were established in 1937 by Marianne Sumners, a seamstress-turned-reporter in Brooklyn, New York. Miss Summers, who never married, was a passionate investigator of new technologies, and new directions in sewing. She named her company Morf Dynamics News because sewing was, she said, one of the greatest morphing dynamics in the history of the world. “When you sew something, you morph it into something else,” she always said. She changed the “ph” in the word to “f” just to make things interesting, she said. Miss Summers was one who always liked to make things interesting. Miss Summers ran the newsletter herself until 1977, when she turned the operation over to her niece Agnes Winkler. Agnes ran the operation until 1997, when she turned the newsletter over to Sally Butterfield. Sally is still at the helm, and Morf Dynamics News is not only the oldest newsletter focused on sewing and embroidery, but is also the best.