Staff from the Viking Sewing Center in Renton, Washington, to Visit the Bedford Sewing Center in Bedford, Indiana


Bedford sewing center logo


Sandra Day, the PR chief of the Viking Sewing Center in Renton, Washington announced last week that several members of the West Coast sewing center will soon be visiting the Bedford Sewing Center in Bedford, Indiana.

The purpose of the visit, Day said, would be to share new sewing technologies between the two centers.

The Bedford Sewing Center is one of the leading sewing centers in south central Indiana, and the Viking Sewing Center is on of the top sewing centers in the state of Washington.

Established in 1973, the Viking Sewing Center is a family run enterprise that is an integral part of the local community.


When reporters from Morf Dynamics News visited the Renton store of the family-owned business, they reported that the place has the down home feel of a store from out of the 1950s. You stepped through the door, they said, and you found yourself back in a long ago, and very much simpler time.

One of the big reasons the staffs of the two widely separated sewing centers want to get together is to share notes and experiences with the new Husqvarna Designer Epic Sewing and Embroidering Machine.

This is a remarkable new machine—a machine which features not just a tablet screen, but also an automatic needle threader. All in all, the Husqvarna Designer Epic Sewing and Embroidering Machine is a very smart machine, which gives you the capability to receive updates wirelessly, and which also enables you to save and receive any designs you make to and from the cloud.

The staff of the Viking Sewing Center have become highly skilled on this new machine, and they say that they will have some important new techniques to teach the staff at the Bedford Sewing Center. So everyone in both centers is very much looking forward to the meeting to take place.